Hunting crows successfully – Tactics and Equipment!

On the internet you will find many pages with advice and reports about successful crow hunts. It should be mentioned that every single hunt must be examined carefully. Many factors lead to a pronounced stretch or not. At the end of every crows hunt, one should however think about how the hunting process developed. Only those who are self - critical and seriously think about what has happened, learn from it and change it, will become a successful crow hunter - a professional.

Our website contains helpful, neutral and targeted descriptions!

Our website contains helpful, neutral and targeted descriptions! Here is the meeting place for crow hunters. Everything you need to know about crow hunting – Tips, tactics, equipment and about the perfect blind. Clothing,  crow calls, deceiving, reducing and the other crow hunting equipment you will find a full documentation. 

Not the amount of shot crows is the deciding factor.

Likewise, the internet and youtube of pictures and videos, which could almost be used as a negative example, but suffocate with good routes concerns. This is largely due to the fact that text and image material comes from times when they did not know any better, as one did not yet know the consequences of this recommended hunting. In part, it may be because the star of these "experts" shines all the brighter the harder it is for newcomers to build on the success of the experts. Last but not least, it should always be kept in mind that the illingness of the learner to buy equipment, special decoy variations, etc., increases the more difficult it is to hunt successfully.  

Fewer mistakes, higher kills

Not the amount of shot crows, but the amount of remaining crows is the deciding factor.


It must therefore be hunted so that as few crows go into

the closed season. This does not succeed when the game is "made smart" by incompetent or unwilling hunters.


Often you can hear or read that so next year again easy to be hunted young rookers, but this is a fallacy. 

Fewer mistakes, higher kills

Any mistake we make that is noticed by a crow can be known in a short time to almost the entire population and their offspring and is carried far beyond the boundaries of the territory the mistake was mad in.


What was considered as a standard when we started to hunt crows with decoys – a box like blind, built with camouflage nets often standing in the open field - has ceased working in most places.


The "box" in the open field near the Lockbild is known as a danger, even among young crows that have never seen something like this at the beginning of the hunting season. The umbrella must therefore be concealed in natural cover and invisible with natural material may under no circumstances attract attention as a foreign body.